Elect tim stoaks for newport beach city council, district 3

I’m Tim Stoaks

Committed to bringing government back to the people

For 15 years Newport Beach has been my home, and I find the manner in which our city has been governed for the last four years troublesome. Our leaders don’t listen to city residents, so how can they possibly represent us? With this in mind, I’m announcing my candidacy for City Council, and I intend to reintroduce resident-based governance.

Recently the majority of “Team Newport” on our City Council, Mayor Marshal Duffield and Councilmembers Scott Peotter, Kevin Muldoon and Will O’Neill, manipulated an early exit for our excellent City Manager, Dave Kiff. Kiff has been an asset to Newport Beach, and his positive impact has been substantial. His early departure will be a significant loss to our city. I believe Team Newport’s successful removal of Kiff before his contract was due to expire in 2019 is one of a number of examples of their critical errors in judgment and misguided leadership.

I’m committed to bringing government back to the people and putting principles above personalities. I have a history of community involvement, serving on boards for the Santa Ana Heights Project Advisory Committee, the Oasis Building Committee, the Environmental Quality Affairs Committee (EQAC), AirFair, Line in The Sand and the Newport Harbor Educational Foundation. I’ve worked with my neighbors one-on-one creating consensus regarding balancing growth and finding actionable solutions for issues concerning us all at John Wayne Airport.

I look forward to working with Councilmembers Jeff Herdman and Diane Dixon to elevate our city’s government to the level of restored common sense. I would like to thank my mentors, former Councilmember Jean Watt and former Mayor Evelyn Hart, who urged me to toss my hat in the ring.

I’ll be out walking precincts soon, listening to neighbors who love Newport Beach as much as I do, and I’m ready to answer the tough questions at Feet to the Fire Forum (F2F) September 20th at Orange Coast College and all other community forums in the city. I’m committed and in it to win it.


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