Elect tim stoaks for newport beach city council, district 3

I’m Tim Stoaks

Committed to bringing government back to the people

My desire to preserve, protect and enhance everything that is unique to Newport Beach has inspired me to run for City Council in the upcoming November election.

I believe we need to restore ethics and transparency to Newport Beach’s city government. I pledge to put principles above personalities and to work diligently to restore an inclusive, above-board governing process.

As a board member of AirFair, and former committee member of the Environmental Quality Affairs Committee (EQAC), I’ve been battling the impacts of John Wayne Airport for over 15 years. Reducing noise and pollution is one of my top priorities.

I’m against high density development and developers who won’t follow our voter approved general plan.

My continuous community involvement includes serving on the boards of the Santa Ana Heights Redevelopment Agency Project Advisory Committee, the Oasis Senior Center Building Committee, Line in the Sand and the Newport Harbor Educational Foundation. Currently I’m president of the Friends of Newport Beach Animal Shelter non-profit.

I will work hard to restore common sense to city government and encourage resident involvement. We must do more to protect our community.

I’ll be out walking precincts, gathering input from neighbors who love Newport Beach as much as I do, and preparing to answer tough questions at events, including the Feet to the Fire Forum in September at Orange Coast College.

I am deeply committed to our city, and I’m in it to win it. I ask for your vote.


Who Is Supporting Tim

Community Support

Endorsements from Distinguished Citizens

  • Evelyn Hart
    Former Newport Beach Mayor
    Citizen of the Year [2007]
  • Marilyn Brewer
    Former State Assemblywoman
  • Rush Hill
    Former Newport Beach Mayor
    Citizen of the Year [1997]
  • Scott & Liddy Paulsen
    Citizen of the Year [Scott, 2003]
  • Jeff Herdman
    Councilmember, Newport Beach
    District 5
  • Jean Watt
    Former Newport Beach Mayor Pro Tem
    Citizen of the Year [2013]
  • Mike Henn
    Former Newport Beach Mayor
  • Melinda Seely
    President, AirFair
  • John & Elizabeth Stahr
    Citizens of the year [2016]
  • Dr. Jack & Nancy Skinner
    Citizens of the Year [2014]
  • Keith Curry
    Former Newport Beach Mayor
  • Clarence ("Bus") & Janice Turner
    Former Newport Beach Mayor [Clarence]
    Citizen of the Year [Clarence, 1999]

Endorsements from Individuals

  • Alex Abercrombie
  • Gloria Alkire
  • Barry & Debra Allen
  • Dr. Jerry G. and Nancy Alston
  • Donna Anderson
  • Jill Ayres
  • Sandra Ayres
  • Dennis Baker
  • Tom Baker
  • Bruce Bartram
  • Cheryl Bate
  • Valerie & Ron Bath
  • Allan & Jean Beek
  • Dr. Rick Belling
  • Vincent Bennett
  • Carol Boice
  • Joy Brenner
  • Gloria Brinsfeild
  • Anita Brown
  • Maureen Buffington
  • John M. Byers
  • Scott Christian
  • Peggy & Daniel Clark
  • Dan Cohan
  • William Cool
  • Sally Corngold
  • Jeff & Susan Dvorak
  • Mark Eskander
  • Charles Fancher
  • Ester Fine
  • Lizz Flowers
  • Thomas Fredricks
  • Phil & Arleen Greer
  • Susan Groux
  • Gary & Betsy Hall
  • Blanche Hallworth
  • Duvall Hecht
  • Francine Henderson
  • Tevis Hill
  • Walter & Karen Howald
  • Chris & Jamie Howrey
  • Cynthia Jacobson
  • Renee Polk Johnson
  • Bob & Jayne Jones
  • Marsha Kendall
  • Pat Kennedy
  • Lynne Koffler
  • Dorothy Kraus
  • Jay Kunkle
  • Patti Lampman
  • Leona Laurie
  • Lois Levine
  • Andrea Lingle
  • Lynn Lorenz
  • Pam Marks
  • Monica Mazur
  • Maureen McCarthey
  • Helen McCrimmon
  • Susan Menning
  • Beverly Moosmann
  • Richard & Marilyn Moriarty
  • Jenni Neumum
  • Denys Oberman
  • Peggy & Michael Palmer
  • John & Lorian Petry
  • Robert Philips
  • Michael Pilsitz
  • Yvette & Bill Pleschelt
  • Lauri Preedge
  • Jeanne Price
  • Nicole & Jim Reynolds
  • Anne & Herb Ring
  • Al Roberts
  • Jeanne Rodriguez
  • Edward Romeo
  • Tom Schottmiller
  • Hall Seely
  • Tully Seymour
  • Barbara W. Shelton
  • Susan Skinner
  • Bob Sloan
  • Catharine Sloan
  • Jackie Smiley
  • Mike & Pauline Smith
  • Rosemarie Smith
  • Cass & Carrie Spence
  • Linda Stadler
  • Walter Stahr
  • Julie Stewart Johnson
  • Carolyn Stoaks
  • Morgan Stoaks
  • Lynn & Carl Swain
  • Jerry & Kathy Thompson
  • Stan Tkaczyk
  • Gary Updegraff
  • Mike Vercruse
  • Greg Vervoort
  • Portia Weiss
  • Kurt Yeager
  • Walter Ziglar
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Endorsements from Organizations


Constant Community Participation